Friday, 16 October 2015

Donating my hair

Sometimes I get things into my head that I decide I'm going to do.
My hair has been long long all this year and for a while I've been thinking about donating it.
Having long hair was ok, but I was lazy and just piling it on my head and not styling it, so I came to the conclusion that a child who had lost their hair than me who was fretting about how much I need to hoover. I looked up the site Rapuzel Foundation and located a local hairdressers. When I went the first time (back during the summer ) my hair wasn't long enough, it has to be at least 14 inches, so I had to wait. In all honesty I was afraid I'd get angry at the length and just cut it but I didn't. Thankfully

For inspiration I looked through photos of Lily Collins, Emma Watson, Lena Headey and Jo Elvin.I think the fact I'd seen two season of This is England and love Lols' hair helped me pluck up the courage to go short. I had a bob before and again as I am so lazy I didn't maintain it and it looked bad, it emphasised my chins too which didn't help the situation either I screen capped a photo of Lily Collins to show the hairdressers.

So anyway last week I thought I'd try again but as I was in Cork City I went to Origins Hairdressers on Drawbridge Road and after they established it was long enough, I was booked in
. I didn't really believe I was going to do it, even when I told my housemates I was going to do it. I didn't even tell my parents. I told the lady cutting it, Donna I was freaking ever so slightly, she was lovely about it. She tied my hair in a low pony tail and added three other hair ties down my pony tail to keep it all together. And then it was cut off and showed me it. It honestly so strange to look at
Two chairs over another woman was donating her hair, which was about a foot longer than mine. Once our hair was cut, and I saw her donation,it was the closest thing to Dick envy I've ever had.

I spoke to Donna about what kind of hair cut I wanted, as I explained a bob wouldn't work. I had accepted I was  going to go super short so I was going to go for it. So she cut the left side really short and left the right a little longer. The word funky was thrown around quite bit, cause there is quite a few layers and such. She finished my adding some wax and told me over the next few days to try and mess with it a bit.

So far I love it. I already had a texturising spray at home and that has been fun to play with. I've been on twitter and tumblr asking for tips, so far I've been told to wear hats and that the more forward your hair is put the more feminine it is and styling it back is more masculine. Any other tips would be appreciated. Glamour magazine is my favourite magazine and while I was in the hairdressers they tweeted a link to a gallery of pixie crops and I tweeted them saying I was donating my hair and they tweeted me back saying it was lovely, which flabbergasted me, so I tweeted again saying it was because of lily collins and their editor, who then liked that tweet. It was the cherry on top

I've been told I was brave to cut my hair. I think so many people are defined by their hair, which I think is unfortunate really, to be known only as 'The red head' or something like that. I'd hate for my hair style or colour to be the most interesting thing about me. I realise some people see their hair like a security blanket but at the end of the day, they are more interesting parts of you then the coloured protein that comes out of your head......