Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What I've Been Reading:

One dreary day on my day off in Cavan I walked into a lovely little bookshop and spotted this odd blue book that would not allow me leave the shop without me buying it, and I didn't regret it

On the day he turns 100 years old Allan Karlsson decides one more adventure is in order. And so in his slippers and hat he absconds from the residential home where he lives and heads towards the bus station.
When it is realised Allan has dissappered a country wide search for the lost man is commenced
 In a series of flash backs we learn about Allans life and the places he has lives which include but are not limited to Sweden, Fascist Spain, Communist Russia, Korea the States and France. He also meets an array of famous idividuals such as Truman, Churchill and Stalin.

If I were to describe Allan I would say he is the Swedish Forrest Gump, with a touch more sarcasm and a touch more vodka. A  highly entertaining book that helped those four and a half hour bus trips from Cavan to Dundalk on a Friday night. Highly Recommended

My friend recently bought it as she thought it was by the same author who  wrote The Curious Incident of the Dog in  the Nighttime, as both the titles are long and slightly ridiculous.....

Have you read any good books lately??