Monday, 9 September 2013

Reflexology time!

As part of my dealing with stress at work thing (yay stress.........) it was recommended to me that I try out a reflexology session and see if that could help.
Reflexology, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.                          

It was explained to me that the feet are like maps to the rest of the body and that you can examine the body through massaging the feet. The week before I went to my appointment a woman I worked with went and was told she was going to get a chest infection as the reflexologist could feel the fluid build up in her lungs.

So I decided what the hell lets do this.

Soulistic Holistic Health Centre has opened up only recently and I just happened to walk past it and inquired about reflexology and got an appointment for that Friday. The office/treatment room was decorated with candles and purple and relaxed me when I walked in. The reflexologist explained everything and I left deciding I had made a good choice for dealing with my stress

On the day of the appointment I was a bit nervous going in (what if she told me my body was a total and utter mess and it was unhelpable)

The reflexologist was very nice and reassuring. Oriental music was playing and the room was darkened. Before the massage she asked my questions about my lifestyle, diet and stress and any illnesses I may have.
The reflexologist started on my left foot and after a while wrote on a chart and continued onto my left foot. The foot that wasnt being massaged was covered in a towel and i was given a blanket. It was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep.

The session lasted about an hour and then after the time she discussed what she had found.            Surprisingly I was informed I had less issues than the normal individual.
My lymphatic system and right fallopian tube had arisen as parts of my body that needed attention, but all I really had to do was increase my water drinking and I'd be fine. After leaving I felt so so so relaxed I could have melted into the pavement. For the next few days my ankles did feel a bit weak but I asked and it doesn't seem to happen to other people. I found the session very relaxing which is what I wanted out of it. Instead of having it again though I might try the other massage options available, such as an Indian Head massage or even an aromatherapy massage. I would highly recommend getting a massage, particularly if you get stressed like me.