Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Buy Irish: Blank Canvas Cosmetics

MAKE UP!! I have quite a lot! Not on a absolutely stupid amount but a good amount. I'm not the worst in all honesty, I have gone past the sticking the eyeliner brush in my eye, though sometimes I end up with said eyeliner on my socket as it hasn't dried, and I like to give some of the blame to the actual eyeliner product.......There has been a fair amount of mishaps but I am working on it, by watching lots of other people apply make up, of course. I love make up tools, in Barcelona I bought a beauty blender I have an eco tools eyeshadows set and in college I had the Real Techniques core kit which someone I lost, how does one lose four brushes?

Anyway my main issue is eyeshadow. I mean I can put it on basically, but anything elaborate, proper blending colours into each other and really nice glam look, I try, but they always look the same. I was half on the look for a proper packing brush, I feel like I don't put enough on my eye and a small blending brush, to create a crease like all the youtubers do!

So I'm in a pharmacy in my hometown, and overheard Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I've heard of them before from Irish youtubers and I've previously been on their website before. I looked and saw they were eight euro for eye brush so after looking and  reading the back I chose the E35 flat shadow and the E42 pointed crease brush. They are both super soft and the E35 is vegan, though I don't think the E42 is, if you're that way consious. On the box of the E35 it says the brush is also suitable for concealer which I tried and, now, I want to buy another one so I can have one for each purpose, with them being 8 euro its not much and good brushes are something I'd like to have