Sunday, 14 June 2015

Staycation Week 1.

It felt like I was only back from Barcelona when I was asked by my dad to take some time off.
While one brother was finishing the Junior cert, my mother was going to Lourdes and the other brother was heading to London for a week, so I was needed at home.

when i wasn't helping my brother study history and Home Economics I was catching up on movies I should have already seen and reading a book and finishing off and starting a tv show.

Tv Show:  I finished watching Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt, The Netflix original series that follows Kimmy as she adjusts to life in New York City after spending 15 years in a bunker. There is only one season so far and I mostly enjoyed it (spoiler ahead). The one part that annoyed me was the fact that Kimmy pretty much forces her employer to divorce her husband after it transpires he was having an affair with their marriage counsellor. Maybe I've been listening to too much Dan Savage, but at one stage her boss says no im going to stay with him, for the lifestyle,and Kimmy should have accepted it. All in all I think its  fun series and of course I adore her housemate,

Today I started on the 3rd season of Orange is the new Black, in the middle of the 4th episode now, as entertaining as ever, don't know how I feel about Piper as usual, will report back.

Movies:  I'm actually proud of myself with the amount of movies I've watched this week, I've seen
Jurassic Park (really really good) Coco before Chanel (Audrey Tautou does such a good job, its uncanny) Frida (I want to learn all about her after watching this, all the intertwined history..yes) Rocky Horror Picture Show ( holy mackeral some movie, so random and fabulous) Birdman ( so worthy of all the Oscars it won, I can't properly even comprehend the filming involved but I thought it was amazing) Big Hero 6 (yes I cried, spectacular film as normal from Disney) and finally American Psycho ( I'm still confused but I loved it) why has it taken me so long to see these?? I do not know, but I'm slowly catching up....I'm probably not..... but IM TRYING ha

Music:  Not much on this front I'm afraid. I started listening to PVRIS, not really my thing to be honest. Any recommendations would be appreciated

Book: I started reading Paper Town when I saw the ad on youtube ( which was in spanish, my youtube app is convinced I'm still in Spain, I wish) Its better than Looking for Alaska, which isn't saying a whole lot, cause I didn't like that at all. I know I'm not exactly the targeted audience, but its a nice light read, full book review coming when I've it finished.

Life: Life has been ok  while I've been here. I got my nipple pierced (honestly not too bad) and I went to the dentist ( I need two bloody fillings, and I've psyched myself up to look into braces to straighten my one really crooked tooth, it may come to nothing but I think I might as well) its bee a quiet week but a good one, next week will be more busy I'm heading to dublin, for a gig and I'm off to the marquee in  cork Saturday, a fun week ahead, this is how summers should be I think

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